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Have you ever had pain in your lower back? It could be what we know as low back pain, the origin has to do with the musculoskeletal structure of the spine, and it is estimated that 15% of the population suffers from it, while 80% will have an episode throughout of his life.

In addition to pain, when you have low back pain, your mobility is reduced, limiting your daily life and well-being. Go ahead and avoid the discomfort, today we tell you what you can do to prevent it.


If you want to keep your back healthy it is important that you follow an active lifestyle. So, get away from sedentary habits and do sports adapted to your physical condition on a regular basis, to strengthen muscles and bones.

Also, make sure your diet is healthy and balanced, with the amount of nutrients your body requires and avoiding the overweight that can put an extra burden on your back. Also don’t forget to have good postural hygiene, both when you are standing and when you are at rest.

Here are just a few tips to prevent low back pain. In the following video, pharmacist and orthopedic expert Clara Pérez-Bonfils gives you more recommendations and tells you what you can do to relieve pain when you suffer from it.


If you suffer from low back pain you will feel severe pain or deafness in your lower back after performing activities or a sudden movement, or after having been lifting weights.

Its most common cause is muscle or ligament distension and depending on the physical condition of each person, this distension can cause very painful muscle spasms.

Avoid discomfort and follow the recommendations to have a healthier back. Remember that your pharmacy can advise you on the best way to achieve this and ... say goodbye to pain!